Zagreb Hash House Harriers and Harriettes
Run List 2023

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2454Sat2023.12.2311:00:00Nuke My Shoes

Upcoming runs

2454Sat2023.12.2311:00:00Nuke My Shoes
2455Tue2024.01.0218:00:00Sir John ShooterShit Rider
2456Sat2024.01.1311:00:00No Sex Games

Past runs

2453Sat2023.12.0911:00:00Pongo A Dog
2451Sat2023.11.1111:00:00Condom Burster
2450Sat2023.10.2811:00:00AntibioticsRetention dam picnic place on Toti street North-west from Markuševečka Trnava - follow tourist signs for Gorsko zrcalo from Markuševečka Trnava
2449Sat2023.10.2111:00:00Little Big ManNIPA Trade ltd. in Obrtnička street 29 in Bestovje, Sveta Nedelja - West side of Zagreb near the old road to Samobor
2448Sat2023.09.3011:00:00Shit Rider & Sir John ShooterŠestinski lagvić Restaurant parking lot
2447Sat2023.09.1611:00:00K9 PimpLower station of old cable car to Sljeme; on foot - take tram 14 or 8 to Mihaljevac, tram 15 to last station, walk through tunnel to the end of that path and up the stairs
2446Mon2023.09.0418:00:00IronhatPedestrian tunnel in Gračani, last stop of tram No 15
17.7.2023 - 29.08.202318:00:00No hareWest entrance to Maksimir Park from junction (round-about) of Bukovačka cesta, Petrova ulica and Prilesje
2445Mon2023.07.1018:00:00No Sex GamesPilana Bliznec
2444Mon2023.06.2618:00:00Nuke My Shoes
2443Mon2023.06.1218:00:00Sir John ShooterŠestinski lagvić Restaurant parking lot
2441Mon2023.05.2218:00:00No Sex GamesČulinečka
2440Mon2023.05.0818:00:00Condom Burster
2439Sat2023.04.2211:00:00Shit RiderVrapčanska ulica, after number 269, parking space on the left side of the road going up
2438Sat2023.04.1511:00:00AntibioticsMarkuševec area, the end of the asphalt on street Mrzljak, North-east part of Zagreb
2436Sat2023.03.1811:00:00Little Big Man[- St. Patrick's Day] NIPA Trade ltd. in Obrtnička street 29 in Bestovje, Sveta Nedelja - West side of Zagreb near the old road to Samobor
2435Sat2023.03.1111:00:00K9 Pimp
2434Sat2023.02.2511:00:00No Sex Games
2432Sat2023.02.1111:00:00Nuke My Shoes
2431Sat2023.02.0411:00:00Pongo A Dog
2429Sat2023.01.1411:00:00Condom BursterMlinovi 129A, park at Mlinovi Hills, small street with the dead end
2428Mon2023.01.0211:00:00Sir John Shooter46 Hashy Years - Šumski prečac, the top of Pantovčak


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No hare117.7.2023 - 29.08.2023  
Nuke My Shoes22023.06.262023.12.231
No Sex Games32023.07.102024.01.131
K9 Pimp22023.09.16  
Shit Rider22023.09.30  
Sir John Shooter32023.09.302024.01.021
Little Big Man22023.10.21  
Condom Burster32023.11.11  
Pongo A Dog22023.12.09